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Baroda Kisan Credit Card (BKCC)


Guidelines under the scheme


Production Line of Credit:
I. Production loans for raising various crops based on scale of finance.

ii. Other short term requirements like maintenance of tractor/farm implements, allied Activities like dairy, poultry, annual repairs, fuel, cost of feed, etc. to the extent of 25% of the crop production expenses limit.

iii. The consumption needs to the extent of 25% / 35% of the Crop Production expenses limit, depending upon the category of borrower subject to a maximum of Rs.1, 00,000/- per card.

iv. Working capital for allied activities and non farm sector activities.

v. Finance against storage receipts/produce marketing loans (against his own farm produce only) subject to maximum of Rs.10/- lacs per farmer.

Investment Line of Credit :
i. Extending credit facilities for horticulture crops, investment on farm developments such as development of land/irrigation facility, purchase of tractor, farm machineries and equipments, farm structures & buildings, draught animals/carts, milch cattle, transport vehicles, pre/post harvesting processing equipments and practicing modern/hi-tech agriculture with need-based project/farm infrastructures, plantation activities etc.

ii. Extending facilities for setting up units of allied activities like dairy, poultry, fisheries, piggery, sericulture, etc. to supplement farm income/activities and also to ensure optimum utilization of available resources.

iii. Extending loans for off-farm activities/needs of the farmer like personal loans including purchase of consumer durables, housing, subject to a maximum of Rs.1/- lac.

iv. Loans for redemption of loan availed by farmers from non-institutional lenders


All individual agriculturists (including proprietorship) with good track record of repayment are eligible for sanction of credit limit of Rs.1000/- & above irrespective of their period of dealing with one branch or a fresh applicant having good reputation/report. Recorded/registered share croppers and tenant farmers who are cultivating crops for a period not less than five years.

Quantum of Finance

The quantum of finance will be assessed based on scale of finance projected average farm income, repaying capacity and / or value of security

Nature of facility

Demand Loan / Cash Credit/Term Loan

Rate of Interest

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Line of Credit Under BKCC

The Farmers are sanctioned BKCC Limit considering the increase in Scale of Finance during next -5- years as line of credit. The farmers can avail the loan based on increased Scale of Finance without execution of Fresh Documents every year. The farmer is allowed to avail the amount based on actual Scale of Finance in particular year within the overall line of credit amount.


For Production Line of Credit: NIL
For Investment Line of Credit : It ranges from minimum of 10% to 25% depend upon the scheme

Repayment Schedule

Production line of credit will be a revolving Agriculture cash credit account subject to annual review valid for 5 years. Investment credit will be DL/TL and repayment period is fixed on quarterly/ half yearly or annual basis, based on income generation of the farmer.


  • Interest of Saving Bank paid on credit balances, if any, maintained by the borrower in the BKCC. 
  • No processing charges for the credit limit up to Rs 10 lakh under direct agriculture. 
  • Free Personal accident insurance cover up to Rs 50000/-.
  • There is no upper limit on the quantum of finance.
  •  Up to Rs.100, 000/- loan for the consumption needs.


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