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Baroda Kisan Credit Card (BKCC) With Line of Credit : Empowering the Farmers

Baroda Kisan Credit Card (BKCC) aims at providing adequate and timely credit for the comprehensive credit requirements of farmers under single window with flexible and simplified procedure adopting wholesome approach.

All agriculturists with good track record of repayment who are eligible for sanction of credit limit of Rs 1000/- and above irrespective of their period of dealing with our branch or fresh applicant having good reputation/ report.

Literate and illiterate farmers who are owner of land, cultivators and permanent tenants or leaseholders, share croppers cultivating crop for a period not less than 5 years are eligible for their production credit requirement.

Coverage of Activities
The mode of finance covers activities for purchase of agricultural inputs required for production of crop, farm produce marketing loan farm maintenance, consumption needs, allied activities, non- farm sector activities, personal loans, loans for redemption of debt availed from non- institutional lenders etc. and also Investment credit for land based and non land based activities.

Quantum of finance
The quantum of finance will be assessed based on scale of finance projected average farm income, repaying capacity and / or value of security

Line of Credit under BKCC
The Farmers are sanctioned BKCC Limit considering the increase in Scale of Finance during next -5- years as line of credit. The farmers can avail the loan based on increased Scale of Finance without execution of Fresh Documents every year. The farmer is allowed to avail the amount based on actual Scale of Finance in particular year within the overall line of credit amount.

Issuance of BKCC
After sanction of BKCC limits and execution of security documents, BKCC will be issued along with cheque book and pass book. BKCC is issued as a Baroda Kisan RuPay Card which will be operated through the ATMs available all over the country for withdrawal of cash as per the need of the farmer.

Availment of finance
Specially designed cheque book to the literate BKCC holders for facilitating drawings from their account for Production line of credit. For investment credit immediate disbursement to the dealers as per request of the borrower. Reimbursement of Investment credit items purchased through cheque book provided for production credit is permissible.


  • Interest @ of Saving Bank paid on credit balances if any maintained by the borrower.

  • No processing charges for the credit limit up to Rs 10 lacs under direct agriculture.

  • No documentation charges for the credit limit up to Rs 2 lacs and 50% of regular charges for credit limit over Rs 2 lacs to Rs 10 lacs, under direct agriculture.

  • Free accident insurance cover upto Rs 50000/-.

Loyalty & Reward
In order to recognize the loyalty, satisfactory dealings, good recovery records, better use of Bkcc scheme, improvement of farm production, productivity & farm income, the following special facilities/ concessions and incentives is being given to the different categories of Bkcc holders under the notified scheme:

  • The quantum of consumption credit needs for the farm family maintenance for the –1- year would be assessed and extended with maximum ceiling of Rs 50000/-.

  • Reduction in the applicable rate of interest ranging from 0.25% to 0.50% both in production and investment loans will be extended depending upon the categories of borrowers as specified in the scheme.

Repayment Schedule
Production line of credit will be a revolving Agriculture cash credit account subject to annual review valid for 5 years. In case if Investment credit repayment period is fixed on quarterly/ half yearly or annual basis, based on income generation of the farmer.


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