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mPassbook Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do using mPassbook?

You can view your Account details and transactions of Savings / Current Account.
1. Get your account statement anywhere any time.
2. Facility to tag transactions and add personalized remarks for transactions.
3. Search and filter to find a transaction.
4. Offline mode. (Updates available till last Sync for Android)
5. Real time transaction updates

Do I need to have a Savings / Current bank account for availing mPassbook facility?

Yes, You will need an Bank of Baroda Savings / Current Account to use the app.

Are there any charges for this facility?

Presently there are no charges for using this facility. Data/GPRS connectivity charges based on your plan charges with your telecom operator will be applicable.

Where can I download the Baroda mPassbook Application?

You can download the same from Google Play store by searching for Baroda mPassbook.

I have downloaded the application, how can I activate it?

Once you have downloaded the application from Play Store, you need to follow the below steps:
Step 1: Enter your 10 digit Registered Mobile Number with the Bank.
* The app will send an SMS to verify your mobile number registered with Bank of Baroda.
* For dual SIM, please keep the default SIM as the one which is registered with Bank of Baroda.
* Standard SMS charges will be applied.
Step 2: A 4 digit OTP (One time password) will be sent on your registered Mobile Number.
Step 3: Enter the 4 digit OTP and click on Proceed
Step 4: Once OTP is validated, you have to set your 4 digit Numeric PIN to access the app every time you login to the application.
Step 5: Enter the 4 digit PIN to enter the application

My Application PIN expires what to do?

Application PIN expires in every 30 days. If your pin get expired then you need to regenerate you application pin using your 10 digit Registered Mobile Number with the Bank and use the same in application.

My OTP expires what to do?

Your OTP is valid for limited period only. If it is not used in specified time period, you are required to regenerate the OTP again.

I did not receive the OTP, What to do?

If you don't receive the OTP then try to press “Try Again” Button. If problem persist then reinstall app or clear application data in Android Settings.

I am not able to see all my accounts, What to do?

Please try Refreshing the application once and if the issue still persists, please contact your base branch to check if the Mobile number is registered for the accounts.

I am not able to see my latest transactions, What to do?

Please refresh the application by clicking on the Menu option on your phone and click on Refresh option. Ensure that Internet data connectivity is available. At the time of initial activation, it may take some time to fetch all accounts and transaction data. Please ensure that the app is in active condition during refresh.

How to change my login PIN?

You can change your login pin from Settings option

I forgot my login Pin, how to reset it?

You cannot reset the PIN, You will need to uninstall and reinstall the application again.

Do I receive OTP on different intervals?

Yes, you will receive OTP every 30 days. You can set your mPIN again, mPIN can be same as of your previous one. This is for enhanced security in your own interest.

How to add remarks to a Transaction?

Click on the transaction you want to add remarks and you will get an option of Add Comment, Add your personalised remarks and click on save. The transaction will be tagged with remarks successfully. You can then search the transaction based on the remarks.

Can I do any financial transactions like Payment, Fund transfer etc?

No, this app is only a Digital Passbook. Kindly use Baroda mConnect mobile banking application for making payments & fund transfer.
How to change the language selection?
You can choose the language at the time of installation. However, if you want to change the language after activation you can do so by selecting Settings -> Select Language -> English/Hindi.
For how many days the transaction details are downloaded?
At the time of initial activation, transaction details of last 90 days for the account will be downloaded. Total transaction data upto to a period of 12months can be stored in the app. Transaction data for more than 12 months will be automatically deleted from the app. You can set the storage period for 6/8/10/12 months by selecting Settings -> Transactions period.
What if I have uninstalled the application from the mobile?
If you uninstall the app, you will lose the all the stored transaction data and personalized remarks added by you. However, you can start using the app by installing the same afresh.
What should I do if I have more queries?
If you have any more queries which are not included above please call Contact Centre for support.
Contact center agents are available between 6AM to 10PM on all days at 1-800-22-3344 /1-800-1 02-4455.

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