Baroda Jeevan Suraksha Savings Bank Account

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Baroda Jeevan Suraksha Savings Bank Account

  • The product shall be available at all our branches irrespective of area classification
  • Any resident individual who has attained the age of 18 years and has not completed the age of 70 yrs can open his account under this scheme and avail the facility of Life Insurance Cover from “IndiaFirst Life Insurance Co. Ltd” (IFLIC) upto an amount of Rs.5.00 lac after payment of required premium and submission of simple Health Declaration Form (DOGH)
  • Accounts can be opened in single name as well as in joint names (maximum two) and both the account holders can also be covered under insurance subject to submission of requisite papers and payment of premium in respect of both the account holders
  • Existing Savings bank accounts can also be converted into “Baroda Jeevan Suraksha Savings Bank A/c“retaining the same account number.
  • Following Documents will be required for opening of account:
    • Photo Identity Proof.
    • Address Proof ( Passport/ Driving Licence / Voter Identity Card or any other document admissible to open a normal Savings bank Account)
    • Age Proof (Birth Certificate issued by municipality / Matric Certificate/Passport / Driving Licence / Voter Identity Card etc.)
    • Consent cum Letter of undertaking to maintain a minimum required balance for payment of insurance premium opted by the customer.
  • Opening of account by minimum Rs. 1000/- only
  • Minimum Balance Rs. 1000/- on daily balance basis.
  • 20 Cheques Leaves shall be provided per half year free of cost.
  • 100 withdrawal per half year shall be allowed as per General Savings bank A/c.. In case of debits more than 100 per half year (excluding Auto Sweep transactions and Service Charges transactions) a charge of Rs 10/ plus Taxes per debit transaction shall be levied.
  • Charges for non maintenance of minimum Balance is Rs. 100/- plus Taxes, per quarter.
  • Facility of getting Life Insurance Cover from “IndiaFirst Life Insurance Co. Ltd” upto an amount of Rs. 5.00 lac ( minimum Rs. 1.00 lac and thereafter in multiples of Rs. one lac) without any medical examination and only against submission of Declaration of Good Health (DOGH)”, at the cost of customer at following premium rates:
  • Auto sweep: Auto transfer of funds exceeding certain fixed amount to Term Deposit to provide high yield on such funds.
  • Auto reverse sweep in case of need to honour Cheque to Savings account from Term Deposit.
BOB Jeevan Suraksha per Rs. 1 Lakh cover- Maximum Cover upto Rs. 5 Lakhs
Month of joining the Scheme Premium exclusive of Taxes Coverage in Months
18-35 yrs 36-50 yrs 51-59 yrs 60-70 yrs
Jan 117 244 676 1674 12
Feb 108 224 620 1535 11
Mar 98 204 564 1395 10
Apr 88 183 507 1256 9
May 78 163 451 1116 8
Jun 69 143 395 977 7
Jul 59 122 338 837 6
Aug 49 102 282 698 5
Sep 39 82 226 558 4
Oct 30 61 169 419 3
Nov 20 41 113 279 2
Dec 10 21 57 140 1

Insurance cover is annually renewable after payment of premium. Age will be calculated as completed years on last date of birth.

At the time of opening of account, only one option for choosing the amount of insurance cover will be available and no other option can be exercised in future to change the sum insured.

There will not be any grace period for renewal of cover and the customer will be required to maintain sufficient balance in his account for payment of insurance premium for renewal of cover.

Amount paid by the customer towards insurance premium is admissible for deductions under Section 80 C of Income Tax act

Only one insurance cover per person shall be allowed.

In case of Joint Accounts, premium amount will be paid separately for each of joint account holder

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