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BARODA M-CONNECT service allows you to bank anytime anywher0.e using your mobile phone. It is a secure, convenient, menu driven mobile client application, where you can view account related information, transfer funds, pay bills, book airline/movie tickets and much more.

What are the services offered by BARODA M-CONNECT?
  BARODA M-CONNECT offers a wide variety of features to the customers:
  • Account Information

    • - Balance Enquiry
      - Mini Statement
      - Cheque Status Enquiry
      - Stop Cheque Payment
      - Debit Card Hot listing
  • Payments and Transfers

    • - Funds transfer - Within Bank
      - Funds transfer - Inter bank (NEFT)
      - Mobile Recharge
  • Bill Payment

    • - Airline Ticketing
      - Movie Ticketing
  • Support

    • - Tracking your service requests
      - ATM & Branch locator
For services & usage details, please refer BARODA M-CONNECT User Manual.
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Can I avail BARODA M-CONNECT Services?
  Yes, Baroda M-Connect Services are available to all the customers having a satisfactory running Savings/ Current account with the Bank. Please refer the terms & conditions for mobile banking for more details.
Do I need to register with a specific mobile service provider to avail this service?
  No. This facility is available across all mobile service providers.
Are there any pre requisites for availing BARODA M-CONNECT Services?

You need to have account with the Bank, a valid mobile connection and handset (Java Compatible) supporting the services.

How do I know my mobile has java capabilities?

There is only one way to find this is to consult the user manual document that you would have got when you purchased the mobile device or going through the specification of the device on the internet.

How do I know if my mobile phone supports Baroda M-Connect application?
  Please visit our website  to get the list of mobile phones that are supported.
My handset is not in the supported list? Why?

New handsets are regularly introduced by the mobile providers, and testing is done selectively by our team. However this does not indicate that our Mobile Banking Services will not function on your handset. Pre requisites as mentioned above should be fulfilled.

Will I be charged for using BARODA M-CONNECT?
  No, presently this service is offered free of charge to our customers. The mobile operator charges for GPRS / SMS services are applicable as per their plans.
How can I register for BARODA M-CONNECT Services?

You can register for the BARODA M-CONNECT Services by submitting request on the prescribed application form at Bank branch OR

You can use our ATM to register yourself for mobile banking.
Upon successful registration, you will get URL Link to download application, application password and mPIN.

I have already registered my mobile number with bank? How can I use mobile banking?

Mobile number already registered with bank is used for sending SMS alerts to the customer. Customers can use same/other mobile number for Baroda M Connect (mobile banking) registration. Please visit our ATM/ Branch for Mobile Banking registration.

How many accounts can I link to my mobile?
  At present customers can link five secondary accounts along with primary account to a mobile     number. Customers registered through ATM channel can link other accounts linked with their debit cards through BARODA M-CONNECT application. Further, Customer registered through branch can add link other accounts by submitting a request on the prescribed application form at Bank branch.
What is mPIN?
  mPIN is 4 characters numeric pass code , which is used to authenticate your transactions.
Can I change the mPIN?
  Yes. Once the user is logged into the mobile banking, he would be able to change the mPIN through   “Change mPIN” service.
What shall I do if I forget and want a new mPIN?
  There is a facility to get new mPIN through ATM. Insert your debit card and enter PIN. Select menu “Forgot login password/ mPIN. Or submit request to generate new mPIN in prescribed format at your branch. After verification of data you will get new mPIN on your mobile through SMS.
While downloading, I get a message saying "Untrusted Application". What should I do?
  This is a warning message specific to the mobile device and will not affect the application or mobile phone. Please select ‘YES’ for downloading the application.
How is BARODA M-CONNECT different than the SMS alert service of bank?

SMS alert service of Bank provides transaction alerts, whereas BARODA M-CONNECT  is a convenient menu driven application which provides transaction facilities like fund transfers and value added services like bill payment, mobile recharge, movie ticket booking etc.

How can I download the application on my handset?

Customers having GPRS facility enabled in their mobile can download the application using URL received through SMS. The supported mobile handsets are all Java enabled mobile phones. Customers not having GPRS can visit our website and can download the application (handset specific) to their PC. From PC, they can transfer the mobile application file to the mobile either by Bluetooth or Infrared or USB cable.

I don’t have GPRS facility? How Can I use mobile banking?

Customers not having GPRS can visit our website and can download the application (handset specific) to their PC. From PC, they can transfer the mobile application file to the mobile either by Bluetooth or Infrared or USB cable. Further, during mobile banking activation they can select SMS as a communication mode.

How to get GPRS settings in my mobile phone?
  GPRS settings vary from one service provider to another. It is also device specific. Each and every service provider differs in the way they provide settings. Please contact your service provider for the details.   
Will I be able to use the service while roaming?
  Yes you will be able to use the services on national as well as international roaming. The operator charges for GPRS/SMS connection are applicable.
I have a CDMA phone, Can I use mobile banking?
  Yes. Whether GSM or CDMA, if your mobile device is meeting the pre-requisites, you can use  mobile  banking.
What happens if I lose my mobile device?
  Immediately contact your telecom service provider to block your number .Further, you can contact our mobile banking support team to block your mobile number for mobile banking.
I have changed my mobile number. How Can I use mobile banking?
  Please de-register your old mobile number and register new number to avail mobile banking facility on your new number.
Are the transactions done on mobile phone secure?

BARODA M-CONNECT is a highly secure application, which conforms to RBI recommended standards of security for mobile banking.

What if I get an SMS or a call while performing a transaction?
  User can answer the call/check the message and then continue the banking operation.
How much memory is required in my mobile for downloading the application?

200-250 KB memory space is required in the mobile handset for running the Mobile banking application successfully.

Can I access to both Internet Banking and Mobile banking at the same time?
  Yes. Channels for both are different. Hence you can access both simultaneously.
I have downloaded the application to my mobile phone but I could not find it. What should I do now?

The application generally gets stored in either Applications folder or Games folder, depending on the handset properties. If it is not present in Applications/Games folder browse through the folders in your phone for the application. The application name will contain Baroda M-Connect and will have the Baroda M-Connect logo attached to it.

How should I uninstall the application?
  Go to the folder where the mobile application is installed and delete the application.
I have deleted the application by mistake. What should I do?

You can re-download the application by using the URL in the SMS received by you or you can download the application from our website.

How many transactions can I do in a day?
  There is no limit on the number of transactions in day but transaction amount per day limit is there as per RBI guidelines.
What is the maximum amount that I can transfer in a day?

You can transfer maximum Rs. 50000/- a day. This is the present ceiling set  by RBI for all bank’s in the country.

Is there any monthly limit for Baroda M-Connect transactions?
  Yes. At present monthly transaction limit for BARODA M-CONNECT transactions is 2,50000/-
Will I get a receipt for my transactions done through Baroda M-Connect?

You will receive the success confirmation message along with the transaction ID. No receipt will be generated but only success/failure message will be displayed on screen and will be stored on your application Inbox.

How much time Mobile Banking transactions take?

Normally, Mobile Banking transactions get completed in seconds i.e. less than a minute’s time. However, the efficiency depends on the data network available and the efficiency of the mobile operator.

What shall I do if I want to de-register for the service?

You can de-register through your mobile using BARODA M-CONNECT application, deregistration option OR you can visit any of the Bank’s ATM to discontinue the services.

Can I see history of my old transactions?

Yes. You can visit our service provider’s web site and select the option “Reports” after mPin validation and see your old transactions.

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